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E M D R 

Trauma can mean many different things.  

There are "big T's" traumas that can be major events like wars, abuse, disasters, rape, ect.  There can also be "small t's" that can cause the same blockage to someone.  Our self esteem, confidence, trust with others and ourselves can be severely affected by our experiences and these "traumas" that cause our bodies to freeze and not process the actual experience.  

We see the world through our own lens of negative beliefs and filter our lives.

We then look for new experiences to gather evidence and validate our limiting beliefs. We live our lives ruminating in these negative thoughts that hold us back from living our lives authentically.  


As trauma is experienced, our bodies freeze and our nervous system heightens.  Time gets frozen in our own memory network and all that our body is experiencing is all our senses of what we see, smell, hear, taste, touch, feel, believe & think get trapped in our body and mind.  We are then simply stuck and other "traumas" get stacked up to these beliefs creating them to be stronger.  

There is hope in healing. 

EMDR, (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a modality that exposes you back to these traumas and helps your body release these blocks.  EMDR focuses on processing the event and letting go of your old beliefs.  Through the process, you create new healthy beliefs.   This method has been researched and has a lot of evidence to be effective in healing trauma.  

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